Saturday, 1 July 2017

SR&RL Rolling Stock at Philips, Maine

The tool car is located inside the Philips roundhouse. One can see it is also full of tools just as in the past.
Here is a look at some of the SR&RL collection located at the museum in Philips, Maine. Don Janes and I took in the train ride, shop visit and photo run-by as part of our visit during the 2016  NNGC...enjoy...George

This rebuilt flanger is really nice to see. I have a model kit to built so a first hand look is well worth the visit.

The yard in Philips, Maine is full of large trees which throws a lot of shadows on the equipment on a sunny day throughout the yard. It is actually better to visit this location on an overcast day if one wants to get some better contrasting photos.

The siding if full of rolling stock.

All these pieces of rolling shot was viewed during Sept. 2016.

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