Sunday, 17 December 2017

South China and Sheepscot Railroad

The Albion station on Bob Bennett's On30" layout.
While at last fall NNGC Don Janes and I visited Bob Bennett's On30" layout. There was a bit of a lineup as his basement area is small...but the line moved pretty well. Bob's fictional Maine narrow gauge railroad uses Bachmann Forneys and DCC control. Strong and Albion are the main towns with a waterfront scene and flag stops along the way. Many of the structures I recognized from past article in the modeling press...a great little layout to visit...George Dutka

I believe Bob set his SC&SR beyond the life of most 2 footer's. I think the layout brochure mentioned the 1950's.

As one can see there was a lineup most of the afternoon.

Many smaller details are found all around the layout. Sorry about the depth of field as the photos are taken hand held with many needing my flash.
The waterfront area.

Strong was the forefront of the viewing area of the SC&SR.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Restored Maine Two Footers

This car on an October 2017 visit looks like new. No numbering yet though.
While visiting the waterfront of Portland, Maine last month I noticed two cars looking really good. It appears a boxcar and flat have been restored...good work...George Dutka

I did not get a full shot of the flat as the yard was being switched during my short visit and my focus was everything but. One can see the end of the flat car looks in pretty good shape also.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Carl's Troutateria is for sale

If you ever wanted to own a layout that had been featured in the modeling press, here is your chance. Christopher Creighton has decided to sell his Gn15 mini layout, Carl's Troutateria is now for sale. It was featured in the September 2012 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. Christopher can be reached at this e-mail address below if anyone requires more information...George Dutka